Give a hug

Give a hug to a stranger! Let’s hug one another amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday life. Whether in the busy streets of Myeondong, downtown Seoul or in mainland China, you may read and see pictures of people holding a placard to offer a hug or promote the spirit of care and concern. It’s no gimmicks to some big shopping malls, and definitely not a prelude to the Christmas consumerism. It’s a move to remind us of who we are as human beings, that we should not live as fleeting spirits wandering in the busy-ness of the ever-changing world. I redeemed my human awareness this morning at the subway station, the same way which I have chided (in my mind) and ignored the plea of a much older lady to help her with the use of some eletronic transaction devices. It certainly felt good to lend a hand, though whether or not good deeds pay, I remain cynical about it. And instantaneously, it makes me want to pledge to do a good deed a day as saluted by the scouts. Yet once out of the subway station, the flooded crowd are mostly plugged into their ipods that sing to a different tune. And I was out of my earpieces for once, looking straight into the eyes that met mine, hurrying home to take my medicine over food posioning caused by a single slice of strawberry cheesecake. There sure was no sign of strangers hugging each other, at least not in my homeland.

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