Between Mafalda & Miguelito

Pic taken from

Found the series of Mafalda comics in a long forgotten closet. To my pleasant surprise, they are all intact and without a coat of dust and I read through all six copies in one breath. Mafalda orginated from Argentina before it went round the globe in several translations. The main characters are as shown in the portrait above and Mafalda is the name of the girl with the black hair. She is an elementary student who is serious in her work and too mature for her age. You may take that as precocity, but she can be quite irritating after some time. Mafalda embraces freedom and world peace though she is always pessimistic about the fate of the third world, lamenting on the damage Man has done to the earth and seemingly eager to change the world…well, at least she seems determined not to become a typical housewife just like her mom. I have no particular interest in this little girl, rather, I am always amused and both entertained and enlightened by a minor role-Miguelito, the boy on the extreme right in the picture. He has hair of the golden fall, often acts as a philosopher in waiting, appearing as clownish as the protagonist in Waiting for Godot. Once teased for not planning for the future, he exclaimed that he is concerned about living in the moment to the astonishment of others and embarassment of the one who initially laughed at him. In fact, he always reminds me of Linus from the Peanuts cartoon strip. They both possess the same philosophical intuition coupled with a weird sense of humour. Thus, they still capture attention though they are never in the limelight. Yet who am I if I were to become one of them? Am I the ever-so-profound yet overly serious Mafalda, or the boy who thinks he is seeking truth but is in truth, just innocent and ignorant? This I often wonder.


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