Cool season

The air is cooler. When the first snow arrived in Seoul on 6 Nov, this island was flooded with heavy downpour. I would have taken pictures of brollies and people rushing for shelter, instead I had gone for a “cool” treat-a scoop of Macha ice-cream and Yuzu sherbet each. The former has a bitter-sweet, creamy texture, while the latter is basically flavoured or sweetened ice. This would of course be one’s natural choice if one is more health conscious, for the sherbet is made with fruit juice, sugar, and water and believed to be less fattening. However, the Macha is certainly worth its gold, I mean it’s worth the gaining of weight in return for the rich taste. And not forgetting the complementing hues, the dessert is truly pleasing to the eyes. Even if I were to be in wintry Seoul, I would still challenge a dip in temperature. Ice-cream is ice-cream and it tastes just as great regardless of seasons.

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