Rat race & coffee break

Where are we rushing to? What are we chasing after? Some wise man once said, that he will not ask what happiness is, for only then will he focus on living and staying alive at this very moment. Ironically it may seem that the quest for happiness is exactly what causes misery, as we are constantly in search of the undefined definition of happiness. I think life is a race, a maranthon to be precise. In a maranthon, time and speed are two ends of the rope as in a tug of war, you may win in one to lose out in the other. Whenever you surpass someone in speed, you may have be overtaken by another before you can wipe off that smirk on your face and it will take much IQ(Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient) and even SQ(Spiritual Quotient) to sieve out the one worthy of the last laugh. Yet truly as in a good run of maranthon, it is more than crossing the finishing line, the ultimate satisfaction is perhaps in the process of running, in every breathing in and out, in the panting and gasping for air, as well as in the bursting of every heartbeat that signifies one’s being alive! I long for a race which will end with a cup of aromatic coffee, rightly brewed – a good balance of bittersweet-ness.

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