Moving (on)

N has moved into her new apartment and we went visiting last evening after dinner. The place was neat and certainly did smell fresh paint and a tinge of anticipation and excitement. A middle size Christmas tree is erected next to the main door entrance and a hammock outside the balcony was just so relaxing. While viewing the rooms and chatting away, Nerix said it was good to move house since it would mean a chance to throw away stuff one may not deem needed anymore. And I immediately replied that I don’t need an official reason to dump things, I just am in the habit and indeed was complimented by my former teacher to have a flair for such an activity, well, if clearing old stuff can be considered as an activity. So you clear the cluttered rooms and cupboards and drawers to allow more breathing space. You create new “residents” or opportunities once the old is dumped, and you know you are clearing more than the physical space, you are indeed detoxing the mind to elicit new found wisdom. A wise man said, “Things are meant to be used, Man are meant to be loved.” In hindsight, I think things to be forgotten are better discarded. People too, sometimes. Letting go of what/whom was once treasured or cherished could be a traumatic yet gratifying experience. Every piece of remains is a story told or had left untold, every act of parting with is a step further away from what used to be so close to one. Like the full circle of the changing seasons, arriving and departing, believing and turned disillusioned, can sometimes be reduced to the part and parcel of life. The process of collecting and recollecting will contine, likewise the reality of expiration.

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