Finally set my heart on visiting Japan for the very first time. Indeed, it’ll be the very first tour to the the land of rising sun after the many trips down to the land of morning calm. It’s weird how this idea has developed and it’s an irony how after conquering the basic conversational Korean I have now to learn to speak simple Japanese. But the lure of the archaic temple and the colourful wares on the streets are crying out for me, so much so that I can only allow myself to fall into the land of eye candy. Trust me when I say it’s not been an easy decision to make. For days and nights, I’ve been contemplating on my final destination, mind hopping between my heart-desired Seoul and this. Friends can vouch for me how desperate I was to quickly come to a confirmation and many simply can’t bear to see me fly over to Seoul once again. Even WD오빠 would rather I go to somewhere else, yet I don’t really care if it’s not travelling round the globe but staying on the same spot. Still, I suppose it’d time to open my mind and my eyes, to experience what I am priviledged to, and certainly to heed the advice of many who have my interest at heart. Dr. Chng mentioned this for more than once, that one should visit Japan at least once in a lifetime. I must confess I have no concrete justifictaion to his belief, in fact, I can merely associate Japan to the Geisha, Kimono and electronic brand names, sushi and sashimi, Astro boy and doraemon and perhaps the infamous war fought. Having said that, it’d be good to step on an authentic tatami (mat) and savour the fresh catch sliced to melt in my mouth. So 일본(Japan in Hangul), here I come!

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