A lonely thought

We used to resent having to memorize and regurgitate something that is quite beyond our limited ife experiences. The taunting task of poetry recitation ceased to be a chore only as we grow to become more mature, and definitely adults with more stories sealed within us. Until then, we may not understand the wisdom of why words are left un-uttered when one’s emotions are full to the brim. The Chinese has a phrase 欲語還休, which means to come to a halt though words are all ready to spill out. Then there’s another phrase盡在不言中 , which could be translated as feelings implicitly expressed without having a word spoken. As I was surfing the net and reading the blog entries some friends wrote, the various Song lyrics(poetry) just came fresh to my mind… To friends who have been hurt, my sympathy and my empathy, this would perhaps ring a bell…

Freshen up myself, I stood alone at the balcony facing the river.
(Yet) the many sails that passed me by, not one have you onboard.
The setting sun sheds a sympathetic ray while the river runs by
And my heart breaks at the sight of Baiping islet. How our hearts were scarred and continue to bleed, when day after day, the silhouette we are waiting for will never appear. In loneliness, you may wait for the endless sunrise and witness the forlorn sunset, yet regardless of how the tears may flow to become rivers and the seas, someone and some things are just not meant to be. I suppose emotions are not totally unique afterall, that love as an issue is timeless and still, time will heal. Back in the days some 600 BC ago, these lyricists or poets in ancient China would have justified that. For the male poets to elicit such subtlety in their exposition of the inner-world of the ladies, I could only assume that be it one from the Mars or the Venus, love makes us merely earthlings. And words still fail me, everytime I try articulating what my heart longs to speak.


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