Autumn in my heart

Shinjyuku Park, Tokyo

I went to the park, alone. There was no clue as to where this place would be, I had but the map taken outside the subway station with my digital camera. So I went towards the direction I thought right, though am without any sense of direction. But what could be more fearful? The unknown or a known destination that just needed to be found? And alas with a stop to ask for direction from one stoic looking stranger, I ended up in this land; it was painted with the palette of the season of Fall. This is the very first Autumn of my life, as being born on a sunny island I will never get to see the seasons change. Prior to this, I have imagained what Fall would be, with the golden rays and the shimmering leaves on treetops. Still, this turned out to be more than anything I could ever imagine…You could see the contented smile on the faces of many who entered the park, they were all clad in their cloaks and scarfs. The occasional strong breeze put a spring to the heels of some who tried to stifle a shiver and when standing under the sun, the warmth was much appreciated. I like how so many would come armed with their cameras, or simply get a spot to lie on to catch some forty winks. Couples, young and old, walking quietly or whispering sweet-nothings to one another, families having a whale of their time , enjoying their picnic. And many more “loners” like myself would just walk about or grab a hot drink to sit by the pond to do a good read.

The Fall may be gone soon after I left, but it remains in my heart.


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