The Masters (This Summer)

Seoul, S Korea

Strolling down the path ways towards The Seoul Museum of Art and along the Olympic Park heading towards Soma Art Gallery, I finally had a taste of what it would be like if I were to move and reside in Seoul. More than a life of a typical workaholic, I would most probably be an atypical city dweller, forever in search of an aesthetic oasis and seeking asylum in the therapeutic arena of the art scene.
Attended the Picasso’s and then Paul Klee’s exhibitions while in Seoul, an interesting point to note that this was the only time I’ve seen an authentic Picasso though I’ve been to Spain. While the venue of the latter has brought much pleasant surprises to me, I have enjoyed tremendously in the world of Picasso. To back track or digress a bit, I used to study Art back in senior high school. Then I would be learning the history and bio-data of the most prolific and iconic figures of different movements, such as Henri Matisse of Fauvism, Vincent Van Gogh of impressionism, Salvador Dali of Surrealism and of course Piccaso of Cubism and much more. I am always fascinated by Dali’s dream-like representation and simply fell for Van Gogh’s swelling clouds in his master piece of a starry night and as for Picasso, it’s never without his women. Indeed, the women of Picasso has been such a scandal (a more neutral word in Korean or Konglish to mean breaking news) and this exhibition held at the 서울 시림 미술관features it as a special theme.
Somehow, the tour had become nostaglic with me scribbling and sketching like I would back in my youth as an Art student. Then it was for homework, essays and journals, or to get inspiration for some new designs for my woodcut prints. Thought I could even smell the kerosene and feel the linseed oil as I am typing this entry…those were the days, and nights…
Sure Picasso had a few relatively long term lovers and some short-term relationships, especially when women simply threw themselves to him either for his charm or for his talent/fame. He is indeed one charming man with a “child” in him. you will know when you see his paintings and sketches. In anyhow, some critics or perhaps feminists may doubt his capacity to remain faithful and not wane in the face of temptation ever so easily available. I prefer to give the man some credit after my trip. There was this series of paintings on one of his lovers, Dora Maar, depicting her joy and her sorrow. There is so much affection in his otherwise near carricature execution, the woman’s personality of a free soul who may have thus, attracted the master just came to life with every single touch on the paper/canvas. Even when Picasso has devoted much time on his other woman, Marie Therese Walter, somehow, the indepth exploration of Dora’s passion is quite unlike what he did for others. Now let me clarify that I have no intellectual or scholastic evidence to support this claim, I merely gathered that through what I saw and felt at that point of time. Much admiration to the genius of all time in his simple stroke comes alive, as seen in his series on Fumeur or smoking and the title Trois Femme a la Fontain. Not sure if I am right or even moral to conlude that a true passionate soul may in fact fall easily and thus, embrace more than one soul-mate in his life.
I must confess that I am actually quite for the statement now than I ever did, a person like me who has always believed in a once in a life-time romance. Nevertheless, regardless of whether it’s a fairy tale ending or a mortal’s woes resulting in failures in the matter of the heart, it is a miracle to have found another heart that beats together, two hearts as one.

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