Posting day is here again

I am back, but am only allowed to use the computer for about half an hour daily, that means no reading of blogs and online news like before until next week. Well, the operation was brisk, took only about 10 to 15 mins, but the experience was rather traumatising. I don’t think I might go through it if I ever knew what it’d be like, yet anyway, am back as fit as a fiddle. Right now, I only long to go outdoor and do all my last minute Christmas shopping. I must have missed out a lot in the shopping scene and I want to go to see the Christmas decor no matter how fake they may be. Finally had a taste of how losing one’s freedom or paradoxically to have too much freedom (also defined as free time) would be like after a week of respiratory infection and the recuperation after the op. Tis the season to be joyous, be sure to wish all who are sick to have a speedy recovery.


2 thoughts on “Posting day is here again

  1. What about the possibility of pulling out of Iraq, letting Iran invade and lose resources fighting their own kind,
    and then come in and mop up the dregs?

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