Rational versus Emotional




Met my classmates cum friends from senior high school in church today. Both husband and wife got together some years after graduating from our school and I was even invited to recite the passage from Corinthians Chapter 13 on their wedding day. In fact, it was the wife who brought me to our church and in a way got me converted to Christianity months later. Anyway, we haven’t met each other for some years and never once did see each other in church since they moved to another nearer their place. The amazing part of this episode is that I had just mentioned an old friend from our cohort last night during dinner with my god-daddy. I was telling him how I suddenly thought of this one guy friend from senior high school and the wonderful days of studying hard and playing “wild”. And then, these 2 persons from the past made their appearance a day after my reminscing. In additional to this meeting, guess what they said the moment we started talking? The husband went,”hey, I still remember someone said she is going to die by age 40 and how many more years to that now?” Yes, I used to harp a lot on this issue before my conversion of faith but no one had said anything about this since age 19, but he is the second(or is he the thrid one?) to mention this within the year! I am not just about to turn superstitious, but really, what should I be doing with my life if I have only till the designated age? I begin to fall into deep contemplation.


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