Tree of life

Ueno Park, Tokyo

I like trees, and I like the men in their autumn years, an expression to represent senior men. To clarify any possible misunderstanding regarding the latter claim, I always associate the older men with my late maternal grandfather. Do you believe in affinity of some kind? Somehow, I am very much loved by the older men, so much so that my sisters and friends have commented that I am an “아저씨 killer”. To be frank, I am not too proud about that, but I don’t really mind it as well. To date, I have close 아저씨acquaintances in many parts of the world; Israel, Perth Australia, Taipei Taiwan, Shanghai China to name some. Because of my late grandpa, I often find older men kind and loving and at one stage, I was totally in love with older men with a pot belly! Not anymore though, I have gone grown out of that phase and anyway, I think it’s easier to talk with a guy than a woman in most cases. I do have a lot of very close girlfriends too.

Now the trees are easier to explain. I like the spirit of striving to grow, to reach out for the sun and to sometimes tolerate the ferns and all that cling onto it. The tree resembles a positive attitude, and one that is full of knowledge and wisdom. Think the enchanted woods in Enid Blyton’s books and yes, I do realize that kids nowadays don’t read Enid Blyton’s books as much, but I still think those were great reads. Then the trees were always full of magical elements and then there is the tear jerker-The Giving Tree, a book about the unconditional love of a tree. Indeed, trees are so full of life and every part of it so useful, say the leaves to make into a frock or somthing, the branches and logs to build houses and for fire burning.

It is said that it takes 10 full years to grow a tree and 100 years to mold a child, figuratively of course. This phrase menat to emphasize the importance of education, but I am thinking about the relationship between them as in this instance. Whatever the implication may be, I would like to think that one should live as a tree, always positive and developing(growing), always yearning to be close to where the sun shines.


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