View from the back

I took quite a lot of photos from the back view. Admittedly, it’s the best shot I could get if I wanted to capture people in my picture and somehow, they have all turned out to be just as tender a moment as they would be when taken from the front. In fact, it’s a bit like stealing the special few seconds that these people are having or sharing with one another. I like the expressions so implicitly exuded even on a seemingly expressionless position; the touch of the human existence truly lit up the otherwise quiet surroundings. I can almost hear the heart beat of the couple seated by the pond, and the gossips shared between the two ladies who managed a time-out from their routined schedule.
Of course, the wind was blowing and at times howling when it got stronger. The leaves that fell from the branches can do a lot more with a listening ear. Then I realized what the Chinese expression meant by 用心聆聽, translated as “listen with your heart”. Now, it’s not about hearing with your sense of hearing, namely the ear. It is beyond the physical audio aid, it’s an activity that can only be undertaken by a reflective heart, that even when not hearing, knew what was exchanged. Life is so full of paradoxical wisdom, yet we are often trapped in our sensory dependency. It’s just about time to take a new perspective, perhaps from a position less desired or even go unnoticed.


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