Toast to the New Year

How did you spend your first hour as you ushered in the new year? Many Japanese would have gathered in temples clad in their best kimonos and praying for a properous year of the golden pig. I can imagine the crowd at the Asakusa area and may one day be in the crowd myself. Then the Koreans would have listened to the Posingak Bell rang 33 times at Jongno, downtown Seoul, before heading down to the 술집 to gulp down their favourite soju or mak-gul-ri. Apart from these merry making and faces beaming with hopes, the bomb attacks in Bangkok would have brought much terror and pandemonium to its residents and tourists alike. And the hanging of then the world’s most hated person-Saddam Hussein, would either have brought a sigh of relief to many, or would have marked a beginning to more violence in this world. So what kind of a new year did you experience and who did you spend it with? Mine was spent with all my loved ones, both in church and at home. This time round, I’d watched the magnificent fireworks performance in peace instead of frantically trying to snap a picture of it or to video it. The friend is right in saying that nothing that is most beautiful, can be captured if not by the heart and mind…

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