Taking a small step

새해복 많이 받으세요!

The door to 2007 is opened and am already a step into the new year. Looking around the house, the old calendar has been replaced with a new one, the cobwebbed corners cleaned to become spick and span. My cell phone rang a few times to indicate text messages received right into the second day of the new year. Still, everything feels so unreal, surreal. It’s like it has become brand new and then nothing much has changed. I vaguely remember how we’ve welcomed the old years of 2006 and before, and can recall vividly how brother dearest had “cried” in his text messaging. Like what he exclaimed after having a few shots, of being always alone and was then feeling sad and extremely down for no good reasons, I wonder how much a so-called new year could change that fate. As for me, insomnia has kicked in some weeks before the end of the 2006, and endless memories flashed back like the spinning of the turntable, singing the old tunes, repeatedly. Didn’t someone say that when a door is closed, another will open? Or was it a door of the Emperor’s New clothes’ version, which can be only seen by the wise? Well, regardless of how the old has ended and the new received, I just want to remain positive and humble myself before the unknown and let my destiny slowly unfolds right before my eyes.


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