Need to air my dampened spirit

Can’t help feeling disappointed with the one person I miss most of all; his perception of me is just totally unfounded! Do you always love for the sake of marriage? Do you only love if and only if you can end up with the person you love? Do you even choose to love, be loved or to fall in love with someone? I was made to feel that my treasured feelings are but the actions of some psychopath, a stalker or the kind of image portrayed or forewarned in the movie-Fatal Attraction. But frankly, I just wanted to express myself, to not hold back my feelings and to thus, verbalize them. And I mean it when I wish him well and hope all blessings be showered upon him. Why is it that being candid must often be judged? Or perhaps even to love is no longer a personal choice or individual rights. He meant it well, I am sure. Yet I was truly hurt by his sensitivity or the lack of it.


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