Spring has come


The rain has come and is still pouring this very moment as the rattling of my writing continues. I have been working very hard since the beginning of the new year, yet despite the hard work, the mind is clearer and the heart gets lighter. Maybe it’s true that work is good for a heavy-laden heart, or I am just about to find my worth in doing what I am capable of. So when오빠called last evening and I was still at work in the office, I was just happy to share with him my busy schedule. Somehow I kind of like working late on Friday nights, mainly because it’ll a day off the following day and working late into the night with friends are more than a chore. Also, I get to meet my dear friends for the dinner-talk after a week’s work, it truly is rejuventing.

M bought me an apple green brolly when she travlled to Taiwan last year, I got to use it today because of the rain. A green brolly is a coincidence no doubt, but I am not bothered about it. On the contrary, I am enjoying it’s light weight and bright colors, and the mood seems brighter too. I certainly do feel that the leafing is taking place, I am getting cheery once again.봄이 왔어!


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