Notes of an impatient patient

8월의 크리스마스

Fever and flu, am feeling absoultely lousy! Less than a month into the new year and I am not up to the challenge. Been experiencing dizzy spells sometimes these days and once or twice even with a fainting alarm. Since young, I have been imagining how fainting or this near concussion feeling would be like, and two days ago, I was almost there within a split second. Have I become a weakling? And again after taking my medicine and with this head spinning still, I miss Seoul…

I want to walk down the streets of Insa-dong, rest my feet at one of the tea houses, savour a good cuppa tea while enjoying a view outside. I want to take a long ride to Incheon via subway line 1, with Han river awaiting to be viewed in the night. I just feel nostalgic whenever I am on line 1, perhaps because it’s the oldest subway line in Seoul or simply because it ends at Incheon Chinatown, the fragrance of the Black noodels and some fragments of the ancient past. Just miss it so much today, tonight. And suddenly, my heart feels the pain once again, just when I thought it can’t feel anymore. Yet, is this a better option? I wonder.


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