Take the plunge

Badly wanted to fly back to Seoul. Something tinkles inside me and the mind is filled with images of what I could be if I were to be transported back to Seoul. For one thing, I may travel to Busan for a short getaway, try out the beaches, perhaps take a plunge into the Haeundae sea. Island hopping can be another possibility and I promise, truly would be delivering my promises, to really memorise all the words I should have memorised to be able to write them down on paper whenever needed or wanted. I actually am thinking very much about doing a long-term study of some sorts, mainly in Philosophy or even the languages. Maybe it is because of the static lifestyle, perhaps am inspired by people I have come to know, for me to aspire to want to do more and become better in whatever I am doing now. Somehow, a light has sparkled, the fear of the unknown seems to have taken a back seat for something more optimistic to take place and shine. Now even if this is just an illusion like most illusions do happen in the initial stage, so much so that this may come to pass eventually, at least I can feel my heart flutters once more. And so I may very much yearn to run back, fly if it be the fastest mode, to S. Korea, I’ll be good for the moment. I guess there is really nothing fearful enough if we can take the chance to succeed or fail in the endeavour in question. In any case, this is precisely what life entails and instead of just following the path blindly like we would exclaim, “Let nature takes its course” or “Go with the flow”, I have somehow decided to rebel and go against the current. And embracing the slogan “Just do it” I sure will, and if I should be engulfed by the strong currents, at least I have left behind few regrets…

What is it that I am referring to after this proclamation? Well, just a change in my attitude I guess, but sure is a worthwhile cause no doubt.


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