The little Voice


Got myself a new identity, hopefully a new image and a new abode to start afresh! But like they say, old habits die hard and so I am not attempting to bid goodbye to all of yesterday and years. What I am trying to do perhaps is to just give myself a new lease of life through this new creation. For one thing, I still cherish my old contacts, definitely not forgoing my best of friends and like it’s said in the idiom, the leopard will not easily change its spots. So truly, it’s not anything that dramatic. If there should be a better reason to this, I am truly in love with much freedom to decide the outlook of my site, especially pleased with the header that shows a train heading towards some destinations, one that stays true to one’s soul. Well, at least the page is brighter, s distinct difference from my signature darker tones. And a hopefully, this will inspire me to churn out fresh ideas to satisfy myself and to entertain the readers, if any. *wink* And Happy Valentine’s Day to all who happened to be on this same page.


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