Happy Lunar New Year

We had a feast at the reunion dinner. The table filled with all the expensive food that we normally will not splurge on if not for the special occasion. Of course, with the good performance on the economy over the years, many families are able to afford good food even on a daily basis, but I prefer to save up something special for more “feel” during the festive seasons. This is one reason why I don’t take fizzy drinks only to insist on one every Sollal (Lunar New Year) and I don’t normally fancy eating only to try to “pig out” over the holidays.

In actual fact, I am far from being a glutton; I love certain food (especially KoreanJ), but the gathering with family and friends is what keep the tradition of Sollal alive. No doubt it would be hard on the mothers and wives who are in charge of preparing the delicacies, I am sure they love seeing how others have had enjoyed their cooking. Yet, do remember to leave more food unfinished on the reunion table, as the belief abundance in a prosperous year is most sacred!

Happy Lunar New Year! 복많이 받으세요!


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