My Fantasy island

geoje_04_s1.jpgSaw a picture, a sea of green fields and yellow flowers with a scarecrow erected prominently in the middle. Somehow, I was mesmerized by the tranquility and definitely, the feel of nostalgia. Perhaps the hectic work schedule has proven too much for me, this urge to run away to somewhere is getting stronger and crying loud in me! My heart is pounding to the beat of a strange city, my mind is flashing to images of a quiet village. I smell flowers and trees, I feel the breeze blowing gently on my face and I long to open my eyes to the place of my dreams…That was a picture of  거제도. I only knew it’s the second largest island in South Korea, or was it in Busan? Anyway, it’s very close to Busan, a 30 to 45 mins trip via ferry. The city symbol is one that highlights the tenacity and passion of its people, the city flower is represented by the camellia, one that emphasizes passion and purity.  The great black pine is a reminder of an unyielding spirit and the seagulls are its ambassadors to welcome its guests. Already the seagull with its romantic connotation of being the sipirt of a late seaman, and I was told also, that the seagull will always look to the direction where its love once was were captivating enough, then to make the cod its city fish proved simply irresitible for a codfish lover like myself. 

Frankly, I am not drawn to the places noted as ”tourist-attractive” according to the rather limited information one could find on the internet, but I still have some vague ideas on how it would be like to be on the island, as I used to follow a really interesting blogger who has since passed on. Back then, his intriguing tales of his life on the island were both amusing and informative, it sort of unveiled the mysterious face of a place I would never dare dream of attempting to travel to. Yet, I am almost ready to get serious about planning my adventure in the near future. Never mind the language barrier, since the Seoulites are themselves not used to the accent of the Busanites. And I don’t really care about the strange look on some faces of the strangers. What truly matters to me is that my genuine love for the country and I can always get back to the cities of Busan or Seoul within hours via the KTX or even a short flight. Just badly wanted to witness what I have seen on the photo. And somehow I am reminded of the plot in the drama serial, My lovely Samsoon, how she had gone on a hiking trip upthe Mt. Halla to fulfill a dream of feeling close to her beau, though it’ll truly be a fantasy to meet the special someone on the island. Still, I would really wish to go on this solo trip, be it to feel his presence and/or to just reinstate my own “self”.


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