Secret love. The Peach Blossom Land

The lines of this script/play/movie(see pic) have since engraved on my mind, the scenes appearing vividly like a re-play even after all these years. I remember the music and song, I can easily visualise the stage positions where the actors/actresses were in every part of it. The smile of the herione林青霞 and the bitterness in the voice of her hero金士杰 have not once faded in my memory, they just sat at the very back of the mind, waiting to take the centre-stage whenever there is a recall. 有些事情,有些畫面,我一輩子都忘不了… …

That hot summer day, I stood outside one end of the corridor leading to the library, all engrossed in the reading of the script. I had found it in the library on campus, sometime after the movie was made and had immediately fell for its aesthetic beauty and moving lines. 云之凡, the heroine who resembles a white camellia(note the significance in this coincidence) is forever pure and beautiful. And her love, 江濱柳 is a gentleman whose passionate soul and steadfast love will shame most men in the present age. Words recited by the couple resounded in my mind now that the play is seeing a revival in some parts of the world. And only now did I finally understood what the director role in the play said to the male lead-that if he didn’t act well in his younger role, it would be too late by the next scene which will feature him lying on the bed in a hospital, all old and withered. And before the couple were to meet again, all he would be doing was waiting for her return.(云之凡)待我回老家后,你會做什么?(江濱柳)等你回來。(云之凡) 然后呢?(江濱柳)等你回來。… …

I am amused by the other play-The Peach Blossom Land. Frankly, besides the wit of the jokes concocted between the characters and their entangled relationships, the last scene of a man who has no where to return to is rather impactful. That remains the only part I can remember for the play. But the sub-plot that planted a female intruder who looks for her lost love, a mysterious man by the name of 劉子驥is  both hilarious and sad. That aside, the 劉子驥acts as the logical and generic meeting of the two plays. 及郡下,詣太守說此。太守即遣人隨其往,尋向所志,遂迷不復得路南陽劉子驥,高士也,聞之,欣然規往,未果,尋病終。后遂無問津者。… …

Why did I find the script this captivating? Maybe it’s because the concepts of undying love and waiting  are too universally desirable. Or simply because of my stubborn trait of believing in a 운명 (destiny) kind of love. (江濱柳)之凡,這些年,你有沒有想過我?… …

오래동안,너내가 생각했어요?보고싶었어요?


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