Fleeting moments


With the global warming threat comes the new calendar for the cherry blossom. Make a date with spring, feel the first breeze carousing one’s cheeks, a sniff of the fresh air which brightens up one’s day. Spring is the season signifying the end of a bitter past to usher in the new green and a budding hope. Perhaps, it is why we are so full of anticipation for the flowers that bloom and wither as transient as lives pass by us day after day.

The cherry blossom season is here once again, its life span that lasts only for a week or two and then it’s goodbye until the next turn of a new year. We have often heard of the link between Sakura and the Japanese . And I was told of the relation of its traits that mirror that of the spirit of a Samurai武士 and his philosophy or Bushido武士道. The desire of perfection and all  things beautiful make one go to the extent of even ending one’s life at his most beautiful moment. For the cherry blossom in one full bloom, bursting with enthusiasm and passion ever ready, as if it is aware of its one and only chance to meet its viewers. You can imagine how the flower would await patiently for the one who would truly appreciate it and vice-versa. I thought the waiting itself is devastating beautiful, yet do we always only yearn for fleeting moments? Because of its transient existence, it has earned its attention well deserved, and is able to pass on without any regrets. I once too long for such short-lived happiness,  but has since grown to an appetite for eternity.

Nevertheless, be it a moment within the twinkle of an eye, or one that remains forever, I just want to give my all and best of all I’ve got. And if goodbye is its inevitable end,  I would wish to learn to whisper it gently with smoky eyes and a heart that beats.


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