Thinking out loud


What do you like about the Korean serials? Apparently they are mostly repetition of theme and plot and the cliche of a love theme that proves too surreal in the present age. You know how love works, be it the flying of sparks at first sight or simply a growing of tenderness over time, it’s almost always about making and breaking of promises. Yet in the mass production of these Korean serials, the pact made between the couples are never to be broken, it’s a contract that bears the name of destiny which no human effort or malice could do damage to. I suppose this is the reason why many love and many more hate to watch these painfully told hackneyed tales. I must confess I enjoy watching the no-surprise plots because of its no-surprise element. Indeed, life so full of surprises and excitement had me trying to grapple with all the ups and downs. In reel life at least, I would prefer things to be more in control. You may call me a dim wit, I rather see myself more like a cynic who has since chosen to leave reality to reality itself and not let it reflect again on screen. And I do believe that commitment can be made and one can certainly stay focused once one has decided to do so. Won’t we be true wimp if we can’t even commit ourselves to the one passion (person or things) in our lives? Even if it’s going to cost our lives, that sacrifices must inevitably be made, I am sure this is how life should be. I know I still cry over lost loves, I still fear the unknown. Yet I know I too am capable of making commitment when the occasion calls for it. I await the calling, be it from God or that someone who is also ready to commit.

Cry your hearts out, laugh your hearts out.  Be true to your hearts and know where these emotions are coming from. For no matter what the outcome may be, what life may have in store for me, I just want the courage to listen to and follow my heart.


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