The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night time

“Also people think they’re not computers because they have feelings and computers don’t have feelings. But feelings are just having a picture in your head of what is going to happen tomorrow or next year, or what might have happened instead of what did happen, and if it is a happy picture, they smile and if it is a sad picture, they cry.”

This was one of the books I brought along with me to Seoul and then left it in the CoffeeBean outlet next to the Soma Art Gallery. It was perfectly right to be reading it after my tour at the little gallery with all the miniature sketches of Paul Klee. The marriage between the child-like disposition of klee and that of Mark Haddon is self explanatory, while why on earth did I leave it behind after I’ve finished it may need some explanation. Quite non-chalantly, I have stopped “collecting” (literally) books once read unless they are classics. And no doubt, it was a very good read, one that has won the author a Whitbread Book of the Year Prize, it is basically meant for light reading, plus loads of insights and wisdom. In any case, before I actually hope that someone else present at the cafeteria will pick it up eventually get to reap the fruits that I have had, I had the above-mentioned statement highlighted. Perhaps to make it easy for those who have not read it, the story revolves around an autistic boy who has a special gift in Mathematics. He is one who believes that a red car will bring about a good day and more red cars in a row will usher in a super good day while the appearance of the colour yellow represents quite the opposite. Maybe you could have made the connection between his talent and his logic on the human-mechanic dichotomy. To him, there is no human superiority so to speak and truly, the human emotions can in fact be created, programmed or factor into through the somewhat mechanical means. This line of thought surfaced once again when I recall the Asian movie “Daisy“. A woman who believes that the man of her dreams was who she met just because he carried the symbol of their love, fell head over heels for him the moment her belief went through her own rational scrutiny. Even when the mistaken identity, an Interpol were to question how much she knew him to grant her that intense feelings for him, her reply was nevertheless, rather redundant. And as the plot thickens, the poor woman realizes her mistake and what happened? She suffered another blow for her alleged love interest.I once read this on a newsletter published by the college’s Philosophy Society, that love is a feeling that you feel you have felt that you have never felt before….yet in reality, this can be quite a different kettle of fish. I am beginning to realize that what we profess as romantic love may well be like a computer programme we write for us to accept, rather than that it is bestowed unto us and completely beyond human redemption. Now, have I turned a cynic, or that I am just back to my skeptical old self? One thing for sure, Philosophy and all the training I have had in those years as a student of rational thinking, still runs thick in my blood. Guess that probably irks a lot of people and make me much of a loner at most times. Still, unless otherwise proven, this concept might be imprinted for long in my mind…


2 thoughts on “The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night time

  1. Thanks for visiting. Indeed I might get another copy but again, I may not have time to go through it once more, so rather not collect just in the name of collection.:)

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