Have a blessed Easter

Happy Easter! There are many things I would like to do during this holy week; I wanted to pray more and play less, read the Bible like one good disciple. I meant to attend the seminars throughout the week all up to the Maundy Thursday and to start a new book on how a pilgrim’s journey with God should be like. I wanted to do extra good, practise humility, just as Jesus has done so by washing the feet ofthe 12 apostles. Then I was reminded of my trip to the Holy Land, Israel and the map that still remains on the wall next to my bed. I remembered the pair of pendants in the shape of the crucifix bought back in Jerusalem, the boat we have taken at the Sea of Galilee, singing the hymns and saying a little prayer. I still recall how we have faithfully renewed our vows at the Garden of Gethesame and my plan to stay awake on the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, but fell ill and slept like a log after taking my medicine, that seemed like the re-enactment of the sleeping scene as recorded in the Bible. Then came Saturday, when I finally woke up in the late morning and thought of the sacrificial lamb and how he was sent to shed His blood for us all. I know many will not be moved, and obviously not when they are no believers of Christ, but His words lingered on in my mind…”Father, have you forsaken me?…”God did not and will not for Christ has resurrected and I am saved on this first Sunday. There will be no Easter bunnies or painted eggs for me, just as Christmas is no longer about Santa Claus when I am born again. Instead, inner joy and strength resurged and once again, I long to sing Him praises and wish that all of us will have a blessed Easter!


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