Black Day

14 April at 14:04hrs, I put up an entry for the Black Day. Though probably only celebrated in South Korea, I long for a mouthful of Ja Jang Myeon짜장면 to commemorate the days back in Seoul. Guess I miss Seoul again today, or rather, it’s been like this since. And the urge to return to the land of morning calm has escalated to its peak last night. I don’t think anyone will be or need to be eating 짜장면 today, well, unless there is a sudden crave for it. By the way, I still think it kind of tastes like the Japanese ramen, at least the noodles itself has the same texture and taste. Yet they are somehow different too. Anyways, I wouldn’t be able to tell the distinction now that I have temporarily lost my taste bud. Still, I think I will have a dark chocolate to replace the black sauce noodles and it has got to be the Godiva dark chocolates…Mmm…


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