Spams and its creators are beyond redemption! Logged on to the page only to find that someone had left a “rude” comment which was in fact a link to some sites on pornography. Vexed and totally insulted by the act, I deleted the comment immediately but again and again, it still appeared on the page after several attempts. In the end, I had to resort to delete my entry (!) but no help to the situation. Thus, I have since removed the comment section on my side bar and updated the function for the comment, such that all comments will have to be screened before they are put up on the page. Apologies to all who are genuinely interested in the entries, I am checking my mail on a daily basis so rest assured your comments will not be posted way overdue. And hopefully, the problem will be resolved soon so that my side bar can have the additional feature back to where it has always been.   


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