Take flight

Some numbers keep appearing in my mind, a bus that bears the Korea Tourism Board logo stopped next to my car and  I actually craved and bought a bottle of  citron tea 유지차 at midnight. In fact, I suddenly thought of Bupheong station in Seoul and the songs sung by 별lingers on in my mind this whole week, even till now. There is actually nothing or no one waiting for me at the other side, though I could of course meet up with AC and YS and 오빠. It would be nice to see Pastor Bill again and visit the places I have missed so much, but seriously, there is no one good reason for my heart to want to fly back. Still, it sort of calls out to me and like a memory revisit, the heart seemed to be comforted at the thought of a return to the land. And I really would love to see the island where SJ grew up in, regardless of how meaningless this little adventure may seem to be. No particular reason, or rather, I am no longer obliged to and have no desire to pressurize myself into justifying all my thoughts and actions. Act upon my will; follow my innate calling and live a fulfilling life of no regrets–this is the only way I would allow myself to live as from now on. I certainly wish to stay undaunted and with an unwavering spirit.  


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