The long awaited vacation

The luggage’s packed and all bookings done. Am basically waiting for the confirmation of all bookings and the vacation can take place right away…I can’t imagine myself doing this, or rather, I will never be able to do this alone a couple of years back. But am actually loving it despite the occasional  sense of anxiety. I suppose something still lingers on and will probably take some time to totally erase every single trace and sign of it. Still, am beginning to see a light, dimly now and will soon be brightly lit up. Cleared and cleaned the much cluttered room before packing the suitcase, and again, found that I have nothing much needed to be discarded. In actual fact, I don’t really store up enough now for me to throw away anything. Indeed, I have grown to learn to be wise without my own realization until now. Then I was a mess myself, always piling up with the wanted and unwanted stuff all over the place, now I am more like a neat freak rather unrecognizable to many who have known me since. If you were to ask me, I don’t really mind the change into who I am now. Perhaps one thing has not changed much, and that is my ability and flair for spouting nonsense non-stop. I am suppose to talk about this one movie I just got hold of from the video store sometime back. It wasn’t quite a blockbuster as it would like to be, or would like to follow in the footsteps of its “predecessor”, titled “Love actually”. And true enough, I still prefer the movie just mentioned, yet it has got all the right elements that I most needed to get myself sober; the easily speculated plot, right punchlines, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz to go with the great snow and countryside scenery. And I certainly wouldn’t mind Kate Winslet, one of my favourite actresses really, and the two great past-times for me-books and movies. Almost perfect with the tears and laughter concocted up as the plot thickens and finally, the exact words that seem to be meant for me as delivered by the character played by Kate Winslet. So really, this movie titled The Holiday is like a preview to what should take place when I am finally playing the role of the one going on the holiday. Like the protagonists, am like running away to somewhere but actually it can be anywhere or nowhere. And no matter how I run, can never run back to the past and definitely won’t run myself into the ideal scenario that I would want to convince myself it’d happen. The earth is still revolving with or without me, and regardless of how I may be feeling. Nothing will change, no one is going to be just as affected as I am even if they were to be kind to offer that “I understand how you feel” line. Then like getting rid of a tattoo, the pain is excruciating but will soon subside. So Shakespeare said that, “Love is Blind”. I wouldn’t know if not for the movie. For that, I give this movie a two thumbs up!刪除了所有你過去的郵件和手機短信。刪除你的郵址和手機號碼。這一次,風箏真的斷了線… …


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