Still…on May fourth

It’s 4th of May 2007. I felt a tinge of sadness simply by watching the music video of a tear-jerker Winter Sonata, best representing the formidable Korean wave that swept through the whole of Asia. I miss pages of memory of my life, some once browsed and never to be read, some constantly revisitingme. And once again, it came to haunt on this very day only that it fell on such a historical day that I am confronted with my true shallow self. Regardless of what or how I may want to argue for my own case, I can only admit to my weaknesses. Some 88 years ago on this very same day, young men and women of china have experienced heartache for the freedom of their motherland. The May fourth movement of 1919 highlighting anti-imperialism and freedom was initiated by the student body and eventually won the support of all others. On the morning of May 4th, 1919 student representatives from thirteen different local universities met in Peking and drafted five resolutions, including one that opposed to former German concessions in Shandong being transferred to the Japanese. Later in the afternoon, university students or so-called intellectuals gathered together in front of Tiananmen Square to hold a demonstration. This same scene was “re-enacted” several decades later in 1989 on the fourth of June of the infamous Tiananmen massacre.

What are we, the so-called modern day intellectual? What about my pledge to live a life of passion? Of course it doesn’t necessarily mean participating in a movement or shedding blood and sacrificing lives. Still, how shallow and feeble I have become…


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