Code Green

Love all things green, minus envy and jealousy. Love how it signifies the coming of spring, of all things hopeful and peaceful. Think the green movement: advocating peace and environmental friendly. Like the season of spring that witnesses growth, it adds color to the pale white of the wintry season. What can be in green? Trees and plants, the endless and boundless pasture, the clear water of  the river, the seas. And an apple green, the variety of fruits and vegetables; the melon so sweet to have stripes painted on it and some melon seeds also born green. Oscar the grouch and Kermit the frog at the Sesame street are green, I only wish Elmo and the cookie monster could be dressed green. Now remember the princess who ill only sleep when the green pea is removed from her towering bed and how we used to cry at the sight of our mom’s favourite green pea soup and the leafy dish. I just cannot seem to forget the little green bear who’s born on the 14 of April, the same day as  the Black Day, the green shade of a pouch and the apple green brolly. Green is soothing to the eye, it is refreshing for the soul and puts one at ease. And I await in hiatus, the green light to show me when and where to make a move. Only then, will hope flourish and love blossom in the air.


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