The Return of the Condor Heroes神雕俠侶

Today is the birth of the wuxia novel The Return of the condor heroes, written by Jingyong. This novel was said to be first published on 20 May 1959 in the first issue of the Hong Kong papers, MingPao. And this happens to be the only wuxia novel I would think of picking up the text to read on top of watching its drama production. To date, the story has seen its representation in the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the most recently released  China versions, which is also my most favorite version. According to research done online, the first drama serial was shot in 1976, so why does its population remain unwaned after 30 years upon which the latest production was completed? Was it the taboo love between the teacher Xiaolongnu and her disciple, Yangguo? The age difference whereby the lady is more senior?  The undying love sworn by the two? The 16 years of separation and Yang’s faith in a reunion? Or the pure love highligted in the light of a world of reality? Well, It could be all of the above.


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