The pirate who stole our hearts

Jack Sparrow: Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?

Like the craze over Harry Potter just a couple of years back, the fire is now burning for the pirate, Jack Sparrow. Of course we would miss him and love to have him back. He stole our hearts! Now if we all recalled, there are just so many destinies intertwined, so complex a chart on relationships between the characters, yet after-all, it’s all about the heart.  The compass of Jack Sparrow that will point to the heart’s most desired, Davy Jones who was betrayed by the goddess Calypso and in betrayal, took his revenge by imprisoning his love in the body of a human. And we see how Elizabeth Swann finally found her heart to be belonging to Will Turner and how they were brought together only to be separated by the curse of the Flying Dutchman. I must say I was kind of surprised to see some very Asian elements in the movie; not only did it plant an Asian character Sao Feng, it has also debated over the notion of zhong and xiao, loyalty towards one’s romantic interest and filial piety towards one’s parents. This is seen manifested in Will Turner’s role and how he had tried to strike a balance by freeing his father and be reunited with his love every ten years, much like the Asian fable of the lovers who would meet once a year on the “magpie bridge”. Then we also heard Norrington lamenting that their hearts (Elizabeth and his) are always intertwined but never joined and saw the tear shed by Davy Jones as he once again played the tune that reminded him of his lost love turned hatred. Thus, we all love the carefree captain, whose heart was still very much bound to the seas and in a nutshell, yearns to remain free. And so we long to follow him, for a good rum and perhaps a map to one glittering treasure hunt. Ahoy!


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