A fish with a smile

Once again, it was all about a loner going in search of a companion and he found an unique partner in a fish! That very small and uninteresting fish which seems to be smiling at him every time he passes by the fish tank. And so he bought it back to keep it as a pet, eating with it and sleeping with it near by his side. Finally he is no longer all alone, not at least with the presence of a fish though it did occur to him that the fish won’t talk. There is a telepathy between the two and then came a dream, or rather a nightmare whereby the man found himself trapped in a human tank! And so he came to realize how his little friend might have felt all this while and he decided to set it free. With a heavy heart, he brought the fish in a tank to the sea to have it released. And he did indeed release the fish. Just before the fish disappeared into the vast, boundless sea, it gave a kiss to the one who set it free and to the man, this is the best that he could ask for. Set your love free, set your heart free. That smile on the fish was thus, worn by the man himself. Set free. Be free.


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