Ethereal Labyrinth


Pan’s Labyrinth is a Alice in the Wonderland kind of movie plus horror and thriller elements. With the Spanish civil war as the background, it immediately reminds me of Dali’s famous painting, Premonition of civil war. Hauntingly beautiful and and yet full of fear and disillusion, the two worlds of real and ethereal joined as one. I like the thin line between what real and what may be the imagination and the intensity of what could be trusted or may merely be a lie. Isn’t it true too to the everyday life or the world that we are living in? Who’s to be trusted and depended on? Who would eventually be the wolf in the skin of a sheep? And what about us? Do we succumb to fear or will we dare to slay the dragon? And just as we thought we will be rewarded with bliss forever, we may have sacrificed our lives and all. Or perhaps, we are only in waiting of discovering our true identity, a crisis we have yet to resolve and in need of a ‘Pan’ to come disclose it to us. The labyrinth appears to be heavenly bliss, an escape from the cruelty of life and the world. Yet it may only exist in one’s mind and subjectivity; a pseudo-reality we have made believe and believed in. Can’t really say much about the movie and its essence for I am still in the labyrinth, waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel…Nevertheless, this Spanish film certainly deserves all the titles earned in the movie industry if not more.


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