IL Mare

기적이  난  지금  도  믿어. “Il Mare”는  진짜  바다있어죠?  어쩐지  그  영화를  정말  좋아해,  사실은  바다  좋아해.   그런데   매회  봤어,  마음이  도  많이  아빠. I miss the Subway experience; the ride that offers a nightview of Hangang, and the stroll down Insadong and Cheonggyecheon. I’ve seen the mountains but never the seas, though once I almost got a chance to visit the Muui-do. And I’ve yet to breathe in the air of my fantasy island-Geoje-do… These are the images I would be reminded of everytime I watch the movie. In fact, it still is one of my most favourite Korean movies of all, simply because of its poignant lines…the cough, poverty and love, these cannot be concealed. And to think that the translated title is “The lover you can’t touch”, aptly so since the protangonists are separated by the wrinkle of time, one living in 1997 while the other supposedly would be in 1999. Though absurd it may seem, you won’t complain about it but rather, appreciate the beauty of being close to someone you love who is yet so far from reach. I especially like how the red wine is associated with loneliness for you can only know what it means to be if you are yourself a (red) wine drinker. And the scenes on the subway always make me quiver with nostalgia. Guess I never forget the few meetings and partings at the subway no matter how hard I would like to stuff them into the closet of memories. Nonetheless, the stillness of the movie, the moving tunes and definitely the understanding that love will prevail in the midst of long separation and waiting certainly score. It’s old fashioned destiny and love blend into one formula, but I still believe in the ageless miracle. And why shouldn’t I? There will certainly be hints or traces along the way before the final meeting and what’s more, the man and his woman are simply inseparable, regardless of how long the wait may be.


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