A piece of Summer

Finally a ticket back to Seoul this summer but have since given it up

Guess this is the way life is to be; waiting for someone or/and something and finally when it’s there, somehow, you just know you have to give them all up… so I reckon it’s time to go a on a solo trip once again. One upon a time, I was someone who is always dependent on others to go traveling with me and now it seems that I am fated to be alone, going from place to place, on my own. Just that this time round, these summer days, I would rather give Seoul a miss. True enough, regardless of how far or how near that someone is apart from you in actual distance, it is the heart that decides the gap between yourself and him. And there is simply no deny that at any point of time, you hope to hold on to a moment of familiarity, the piece of memory that once bound the two together, but still, the past has gone running away like the bolt of lightning and thunder. The scent of the rain to fall is still vivid and evident, only to bring about a bout of melancholy and you know in your heart, that you still miss him, like a puzzle that awaits the last piece to be completed. But he is not the piece of puzzle or even if he is, the puzzle will just remain as perplexing, that’s the whole mystery of what life is… And so this summer is fading away with less to reminisce…


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