Ipod Fury



My dearest Ipod just refused to auto- sync. I have no idea what has happened to it and certainly I can’t do anything whatsoever to fix it right. Somehow, it just stopped and “hanged” on the same old song list updated since last December and all my new albums just don’t seem to get some space into it. I can’t help but to wonder if the ipod has suddenly turned more humane, behaving exactly like its owner, ever so obstinate and “steadfast” in its most negative connotation. In fact, I can’t hardly think or source for any possible remedies… My ipod has come alive! It will continue to sing the songs that have since been deemed dated, it went on to haunt and trapped me in old memories everytime the special songs associated with the special someone is spinned on and at those moments, the heart beat skipped once and the brain is blocked out of all things new and recently infused. My poor soul has since suffered from mutiple cuts over failed attempts to redeem my dignity and then it’s back to square one– am transported back to that time and space, the scenes replaying on their own, all remotely remote. Good grief! I see that Charlie Brown with a paper bag over his head in me. He did it to hide his identity one summer camp and then that summer seemed to have dragged on to a year-long of the same season. Time revolving round the same events, the same emotions and the same heartache, only that the cut is less prominent……


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