Learn to live-one perspective

img_0205.jpgJust heard of the following story….

A lady proposed to a philosopher and the latter replied that he would have to think about it. Once he had thought through, he realized that when there is a dilemma, you can decide to choose what you have never experienced before and in his case, it would be to accept the proposal and marry the lady. Having finally reached a decision, he then went to see the father of his bride to ask for the hand of the daughter. The father answered,”You are already 10 years late, she is now happily married with three children.” The philosopher had unknowingly spent a decade pondering over his so-called big question but missed the big picture. He later concluded that in the first half of your life, you need to learn to live without indecisiveness, and in the later part of your life, you need to live without regrets.

A life of decision making should not entail much regrets and smell the roses while you may. What is your take?


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