Something about nothing

I’ve been meaning to say something, pen down the thoughts and just follow the heart, yet seem to be experiencing a “writer’s block”. No, I am not concerned about what to write and am not obliged to submit the entries on regular basis. In fact, many of the bloggers who first inspired and moved me to start a blog have since retired from the scene, one forever vanished from this earth and the land of blogging, even left no trace of what he had once written, and others simply slowly disappeared because of one reason or another. I recognised that I once used to write because I need to tell someone how I feel and then it becomes a personal space to get all meta-physical and I poured out all my grouses and what have you. Still, a space is needed to remind me of how I miss him and/or have missed the boat and suddenly, I am no longer able to verbalize my thoughts…I wonder what is the purpose of all this? What am I actually looking for? Some things are better left unsaid, I once proclaimed and indeed, it was a self-fulfilling prophesy. I didn’t abide by my words of wisdom and I suppose I have learnt to pay the price. But I know I could never put that into practice and hence, really there’s no cure to this obstinacy of mine. If it be so that I should suffer, I might as well resign to my fate. Born to be so, I shall live it up as such… …


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