Memo of a pair of clipped wings

One fine day, you woke up perspiring heavily and heart pounding hard. Something and someone once existed had suddenly gone missing, lost, vanished into thin air. There is no trace of evidence of any forms, no one seems interested to ask for an explanation but frowned upon the rationale that somehow, destiny has its own pattern and its own interpretation.  You felt lost for a moment, still in daze and not knowing how to react to this “missing in action” within such a short notice, or rather, not noticeable at all. Words murmured, strangers’ stares and others sneered at you nonchalantly, you don’t seem to be bothered either, for such incidents have been replaying since. Yet this time round, it seems that there will never be a chance to revert back to the dream-scape or pre-dream existence. Somehow, you just know that like season changes every quarter of the year, this 3 year stint has expired and there will not be a contract waiting for extension of any kind. On the one hand, you are comforted by the fact that all things good or bad, will indeed come to an end; on the other hand, there is no expression better expressed than a sad, sadder, saddened expression. But no more tears, it’s like a scar that has come to heal after a while. No doubt you may secretly wish for a miracle to blossom, a wish granted, these days such good tidings are hard to come by. So you pricked your fingers and bled when you try to pick a rose, you stumbled and fell when you try to run to him, you lost when you want to win, cry when you hope to laugh out loud, suppress yourself when you are overwhelmed with soul and passion. Just when you aspire to be a victor, you emerged as a loser; you loathed cowardice while your courage went unappreciated. The soothsayer may have warned aloud,” stay away from the unwilling soul! Tis not the fated fate!” Fate has long been written, carved on the sacred stone which you ignored. Thus, sufferings are inevitable, a wild goose chase is the price to pay and the reward of prolonged quietude and solitude. Solitary solitude is thy name, a faceless shadow and listlessness bestowed. Gone, gone, the heart that fluttered will finally come to a full stop. And no regrets.


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