Restlessness in a restless world

It’s been quiet these days with the passing showers announcing the arrival of Autumn. A little chilly come nightfall and scorching hot whenever the transition of seasons is experiencing a tug of war. Likewise for my rational and irrational spheres of the brain…the rain falls, the wind blows, the flowers wither, the stars glitter, all in its time. Patience is still the very word and learning to comprehend what it means when what you get will not always be what you want is the route to the great enlightenment. Sartre suggested that a decision is made when no apparent decisions were executed; no words left unsaid is as good as complete silence or words completely dismissed. Then I was all alone in a hall filled with an unrehearsed orchestrated noise, and everywhere there is endless influx of noisy crowd. Yet up to a point, the noise has turned into complete silence, the crowd disappeared and I was truly all alone in the quiet hall, all by myself, enjoying the peace of the mind. No one seems to be able to step into my world, like a bubble I had myself trapped in eternal solitude, not that I dislike it, but the realization was kind of …erm…lonely. And nothing matters anymore, no one seemed to bother or be bothered and to a great extent, no one seemed to notice my existence. I wasn’t particularly affected by that, in fact, I didn’t care much. Just letting time slipped away like sand in one’s palm, all remained in the loudest silence.


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