Self reflection. Once it’s activated, it will throw one into complete turmoil. Nothing can be reasoned, there is simply no state of reality or rationality. At one moment it was painful to the core, turned around and the pain is gone. Losing the sense of humor comes natural when laughter seems to be more than a luxury for a person who can’t even afford to remember the past. No sense of deep regret when one has already fulfilled all that one should and must and can in order to be noticed, still, no sense of sadness when the tears dried up and nothing has changed. The earth keeps revolving, the days evolving and no one needs to stop to take a glance. Things have changed yet no changes made, what’s never been there will never ever be there; all said will be forgotten and all left unsaid may just leave no chance of being shared. A metamorphosis may have taken place for some, some things will never be the same again. The eyes have no vision for the beauty ahead, the nose does not follow the scent and the taste bud can only recall the long forsaken taste. Repetition takes place when the senses are lost, reconciliation is an unattainable goal.


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