Lost track

Caught a cold, again. Feeling tired, excruciating pain at times and totally helpless. Mind not thinking, head spinning and the heart counting the beat to not skip any…am bored, truly into deep sleep, as if falling into one and will never ever wake up to a world of breathing. Just a moment ago was in complete bliss, only to plunge into a sea of turmoil. Now what? Can’t seem to stay focused, can merely walk aimlessly, continue walking until one comes to a halt. Some things are simply by default, there is no need to rehearse or practise, there is no function to act otherwise. Even though hardships prevail and a better tomorrow is promised, somehow, the mind will wander and the eyes can see no other. Thus, pop the pills and take a long nap, no matter how wide awake one may appear is in fact in deep slumber.


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