August Rush

img_0152.jpgWatched the movie today, it was great. Must admit that it was actually a feel good movie, not quite art house or anything to say about its possible aesthetic values, but I really like the way that it portrays music to be and to make everyone wants to listen more to the many sounds produced around us, even noise made. Like the fact that the classical and the rock can go hand in hand, not anything new since many other of its predecessors have already done that and also in the music making such as Storm or the  Nanta( Korean version) have long explored that genre. Still, it was good, a simple story with some really heart warming numbers. At one point, I was almost brought to tears and that was when the protagonist was asked the question”what is it that you most wanted in this whole wide world?” And then it was just a simple one word answer “Found”.

I was speechless and felt a pang in the heart for like two seconds? To be found like how he would find his way by following the music that keeps running to him? To be found in this entire universe when all one could do sometimes, is really to be waiting to be found… …The snowflakes flying in the air, freezing temperature and yet, the heart was warmed by the belief that I am not alone in thinking stupidly, well, believing in things good.

August Rush. I think there will be better movies in the recent release, but it will remain in my mind for sometime. And what a coincidence, there’s actually a movie title that suits my day–Christmas in August. Well, it did snow even though Christmas will take some time to arrive. 


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