Rhythm of the falling rain


It finally started to rain, sort of expected it to and grace be to the Lord, it stopped when I got back to my humble abode. Been learning new things day by day, seeing and feeling the change or some may call it the progress or others will call it the decadence of the city. I decided to sit on the fence, at least until I am more certain of how I really feel and what I really think. Been to Mok-dong this evening, just checking the place that SJ used to be at some time back since I didn’t make it to his hometown. Nothing in particular at that point of time, mere curiosity I should think, it’s like my sense of curiosity is finally back and that is definitely a good sign. I guess everyone yearns to have a little adventure in a trip, like wanting to have some excitement in life and certainly to be in a purposeful journey or something. Been listening to the sounds and noise, the rhythm of this city these few days. Instead of plugging into the Ipod like always, acting cool and simply disinterested, I chose to stick out my ears to listen carefully to the heartbeat of the city and it turns out to be in sync with me. Finally, I am like part of it, no discomfort whatsoever, no pretence, no obligation too, am just a part of the city and a part of the masses, the hearts that beat as one.  This is again what I am going to miss much about this place, like cutting a piece of myself whenever away from it. Peculiar thought, yet so true….


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