Worldcup Stadium

언제 꿈은 아루어진어요? 아니면 꿈이에요? 이제 중요치 않아요.

I decided to go down to the World-cup Stadium, to visit the museum and just to see how it would be like in the winter. The air was freezing cold, especially so when the wind blew directly at one. The subway ride was a smooth one, not as crowded as taking the other lines and will definitely get a seat to and fro, but it also means a rather boring ride. Meant to just take a long ride down to Incheon so that I can look outside the window where Hangang is, then again, that is not my destination for the day. So it was all the way to the Stadium, going through every significant year of the growth of the soccer team(s) for them to finally emerge fourth placing in the 2002 World Cup.  In actual fact, there wasn’t much to look at, apart from some rather interesting soccer related interactive games. Took a picture with the team using multimedia technology of course, with Park Ji Sung right in front of me! (He’s finally returning to the field upon recovery from his injury, well all the best and all the way “Ji“!) What truly caught my attention was the words on the wall…Dreams come true…do they? so dream on! Or will be…well, dream on!…..?


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