Stay…Reality bites

One of my most favourite actors, Ethan Hawke starring in this movie before his Before Sunset sequel. Of course there was the ever so beautiful Winona Ryder whom I guess acts better than she occasionally does her act at the shopping malls. And to think that it was Ben Stiller’s first attempt at directing, this guy is truly talented! So what’s so great about the movie? Yet another Youth and confusion, angst and complication all-in-one production? Well, I kind of like the philosophical confusion, life getting mixed up yet never giving up on finding one’s own identity without any role models or heroes to look up to. What’s life? What about relationships? That sex is the quickest way to ruin friendship? And what is it that I need? That there will really be someone there who is concerned and who gets groovy over one or two of those rock pieces? Well, for everyone will die alone someday, the answer to many of those unanswered questions is really simple, it’s….hmm…I don’t know!


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